Palace wedding

… in Poland is an inspiring place where you can find beautiful samples of historic venues in Poland but also places where you can organize a wedding or a ceremony (outdoor wedding too!). We came up with this idea soon after our wedding in Zelenskich Palace near Cracow.

The idea was also being regularly fattened when our families used to drag us as kids on trips where we actually had to admire amazing mansions, palaces and castles in Poland. At that time, admiring historic architecture was not a way a teenager would love to spend time on.

Instead of playing football or spending time with other girls we were visiting the most spectacular Palaces and castles in Poland. However, with time this nightmare actually became our favourite activity.

Travelling to another palace or castle and knowing its unusual history.

Palace Wedding in Poland

Palace Wedding in Poland is a place where you can find interesting wedding pictures and wedding film shorts that show elegant and sometimes even crazy weddings and ceremonies organized in Polish palaces and castles.

You will find here wedding decoration inspirations and best wedding venues in Poland. We will also feature and recommend our favourite wedding photographers and wedding cinematographers who shoot weddings in palaces and castles in Poland.

To sum up this website concerns all that is connected with palace weddings in Poland, outdoor ceremonies in castle gardens, etc. But only if it is of the highest visual quality and has the best style and taste.

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Outdoor ceremony

Outdoor ceremony in Poland is a place on this website where we not only share elegant Polish ceremonies in palace gardens but also outdoor boho ceremonies by the lake, forest ceremonies, elopment ceremonie sany other nature wedding ceremonies in amazing Polish locations and venues.

We would like to present here weddings that are somewhat unique and stand out among others like church ceremonies in outdoors ! We hope such portion of outdoor wedding inspiration can make you wedding even more beautiful!

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Unusual wedding and ceremony

Unusual wedding and ceremony gathers interesting inspirations for organizing a wedding including the wedding venue, its unique location but also the style of the wedding decorations or the wedding theme itself. In this section you should also find unusual wedding details or simply as we call them „unusualties”.

These are unique wedding dress , untypical wedding cufflinks, unusual wedding rings and shoes,  but also original wedding dance, attractions and surprises or even wedding speeches that stand out among typical wedding speeches.

All of that we will share in Unusual Wedding and Ceremony section by (hopefully) numerous picture and video samples.

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