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About Us

Palace wedding in Poland is an inspiring place where you can find beautiful samples of historic venues in Poland but also places where you can organize a wedding or a ceremony (outdoor wedding too!). We came up with this idea soon after our wedding in Zelenskich Palace near Cracow. The idea was also being regularly fattened when our families used to drag us as kids on trips where we actually had to admire amazing mansions, palaces and castles in Poland. At that time, admiring historic architecture was not a way a teenager would love to spend time on. Instead of playing football or spending time with other girls we were visiting the most spectacular Palaces and castles in Poland. However, with time this nightmare actually became our favourite activity. Travelling to another palace or castle and knowing its unusual history.



Apart from our love to Polish castles and palaces a new hobby appeared on a horizon. A fascination with weddings and ceremonies, especially outdoors. It arrived with the process of our own wedding organisation. Firstly, we wanted a decent hipster style wedding. Then we decided to have an outdoor wedding in a barn in Poland. Lastly, the idea converted into a church wedding in Cracow. A historic church of St. Ann’s with amazing interior decorations located in the heart of the city center. While a wedding in Palac Zelenskich was our final choice. We loved the cosiness of the palace as well as the way it was hidden in a historic park with an adjacent stud farm with horses and more importantly located close to Cracow.



One could say our new hype was motivated by an actuall need which I call a DIY wedding in Poland. Anyway, we love the proces of organizing a wedding in Poland but the everyday duties or rather lack of personal courage did not let us dive into a regular work of a wedding planner in Poland. The time has passed relentlessly. Finally, we decided to transfer our love for palaces, castles, old mansions and weddings in Poland into a personal historic wedding venue oriented blog called Castle wedding in Poland. Then we realized the best name for this hopefully inspiring website should be called Palace Wedding in Poland.



We are planning to post here not only wedding pictures and wedding short films that were shot in amazing palaces and castles in Poland but also interesting venues themselves too. We hope Wedding in palace in Poland will give you interesting arranging ideas, wedding decoration inspirations, outdoor ceremony altar ideas and many more.



Our wish is to create a nice collection of amazing places that could inspire brides to be and wedding planners in Poland too. We will publish the best wedding films shots by the best wedding videographers in Poland who specialize in shooting weddings in palace venues. We will also show pictures of castle outdoor weddings taken by the best wedding photographers in the country. If you are newlyweds and would like to share with us your castle wedding or palace wedding short film and pictures then let us know. We would love to share your happieness through our website and then present it as a historic wedding venue inspiration for other couples and wedding planners who are organizing a palace wedding in Poland.



Ps. Remember please, that sending your wedding pictures to Palace wedding in Poland means that you need to have the rights to it so we could publish it here nor harming anyone’s feelings. If you are a photographer or a wedding videographer then remember that by sending the footage you confirm having the rights to publish it. We do not want to harm anyones feelings as this is all meant to be a fun and volountary project. We will publish pictures and films that are in line with our vision the most.


The vision of palace wedding in Poland of course 😉


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