An elegant wedding in Belvedere Warsaw with magical outdoor ceremony in Lazienki Krolewskie

We are extremely proud to welcome another best artistic wedding photographer’s work on our website.


The artistic and super talented photographer name is Jakub Wojtowicz. This time he gave us an honour to admire Warsaw top1 wedding venue. It is the most desired and most expensive wedding venue in Warsaw.



Also, it is located in the center of the capital of Poland but still hidden in spacious gardens making it the most sought after and special wedding venue in Poland.  Belvedere Warsaw is actually a luxurious venue considering its prices and unique location and wedding offer.


Even though it is located in the center of Warsaw you may say your wedding vows in a breathtaking scenery of more than a few hundred year old park fully kept to your privacy. The wedding photographs we got from a very talented and sensitive photographer from Gdansk are a combination of 3 best wedding venues in Warsaw. First, the preperations that took place in one of the finest Warsaw hotels called Bristol.


This hotel is a history itself. It has hosted numerous and most respected and known diginitaries all over the world. No wonder why booking five star hotel Bristol in Warsaw for your wedding is a luxurious thing. Well, the couple decide to book the best room in the hotel for wedding preperation only as the best was to come. As you can see the weather was not perfect but best wedding photographers say that a cloudy sky produces much better light so maybe it was a blessing for Jakub Wojtowicz ? Anyway, after the preperation in Bristiol the couple and all their guests took a romantic walk to Lazienki Krolewskie. Was it to admire the Palace and its park ? Partially, yes. More importantly it was to have that intimate outdoor ceremony among park trees and by the pond. There was a friend of the couple playing a guitar, there was a friend celebrant who leader the wedding ceremony.


There were emotional wedding vows and ring exchange. And there was love! Wedding ceremony in Lazienki Krolewskie is a great idea so if any of you is still considering such option, go for it! When this elegant ceremony came to an „end” opening a new chapter for the newly wed in Warsaw they all strolled in happiness to start their luxurious and elegant wedding in Belvedere Warsaw. And so it started and lasted until the last man standing as Belvedere serves its guests to the very end of the party.


How was the party in Belvedere ? Amazing! The great feature of the Belvedere wedding venue in Warsa wis the widnow ceiling maing it see through producing unbelivable shades. During the sun set it changes in a romantic way. When it is gone, the color light of the venue create crazy atmosphere so again you are feeling great to have chosen Belvedere for your luxurious wedding venue.


Jakub Wojtowicz – not sure if it is that you are the best wedding photographer in Gdansk who was lucky to shoot a luxurious wedding in 3 best wedding venues in Warsaw or if it is both.


Anyway, you did a great job!


@Wójtowicz Foto - polish wedding photographer

Jakub Wójtowicz is the name of the Wojtowicz Foto Weddings Poland owner. He is definitely an unusual wedding photographer on a map of the best wedding photographers in Gdansk (Pomorze). He is a quiet and a modest person who has a unique taste and ability to capture natural emotions in a discreet manner. I believe this is why he shoots weddings in palaces and outdoor ceremonies in castles. If I didn;t know him personally I would probably describe Jakub as best wedding photographer Warsaw. Despite living in Gdansk, most of the weddings he photographs are organized in Warsaw.

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