The most beautiful wedding photographs of an outdoor wedding in Palace Wojanow

We are super happy to share with you this romantic outdoor wedding in Wojanow Palace. We are rally lucky to present this work of a talented destination wedding photographer from Poland, Iryna Mendryka.


When we think of a fairy tale wedding in a palace we usually visualize a princess in a castle tower waving that white tissue with a hope of being saved from not sure what. I can bet the palace or a castle that comes to your mind looks exactly like the one Iryna had a chance to portray in her magical wedding photographs shot in Wojanow Palace.




This castle shape is so characteristic that it cannot be mistaken with any other palace in Poland. It’s so Lego and Barbie style that you will not find this neat and perfectly matching castle to the imagination of a fairtyale castle one can dream.


The is another castle in Poland that actually reminds me partially of Wojanow Castle. It is called Baranow Sandomierski but to decide which is more fairytaleish you nedd to browse them both. Anyway, a conception of a fairytale castle makes me feel like Wojanow Palace wedding is a dream wedding venue in Poland for many brides to be. But organizing an outdoor wedding in a palace isn’t only a fairytale and magic. It is also a challenge to accomodate let’s say a mere 150 wedding guests.


A tale turns into a nightmare? Not necesserily! Wojanow Palace offers its wedding guests hotel rooms with its lodging capacity of more than 150 people. Moreover, it is not just rooms. These are top quality hotel rooms in a chateau wedding venue in Poland making you want to book tchem all for your guests. What we loved about the outdoor wedding is that the castle constitutes a unique background to the floral altar with white carpet and stylish seats. Again, making it a true fairytale wedding with a palace in the background. Apart from all the advantages I had a pleasure to state is the palace Wojanow surrounding. Well, there are palaces and PALACES. Wojanow is definitely the latter. It offers an unbelivable view without nearby houses, schools, roads or factories. In terms of the amazing and unspoiled view it reminds me of Ksiaz Castle with its numerous acres of forests.


This makes Wojanow Palace a great place for a wedding session which may be shot on the day of the wedding. Easy ? Well, I would check the availability dates first and then book both. A fairytale outdoor wedding in Wojanow Palace and the best wedding photographer in Poland to shoot the wedding.


Good luck!


@Iryna Mandryka - polish wedding photographer

Iryna Mandryka is an artistic wedding photographer who specializes in glamour weddings. Iryna is a respected Polish wedding photographer who lives in Poznan. However, she keeps shooting amazing weddings all over the world becoming a female destination wedding photographer from Poland. She is fluent in seven languages wich surely lets her communicate with…anyone, even with not the best wedding videographer on a private Island elopment wedding. Or elsewhere! When shooting weddings she prefers capturing emotions and warm atmosphere. This is why she is a great Polish family photographer too. She told us her wedding destinations are more and more and more Paris, Berlin and Poznan but I can bet she is a kind of a wedding photographer who can shoot your wedding anywhere!

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